Second Regional 3R Forum in Asia
4 Oct 2010 - 6 Sep 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Second Regional 3R Forum in Asia was held from 4-6 October 2010 in Malaysia.

The objectives were to:
-Contribute towards improved understanding and strengthened regional consensus in terms of policy options that promote the 3Rs towards achieving green economy, resource efficiency and sound material-cycle society;
-Identify and share information on opportunities for collaborative actions and partnerships, including international financial mechanism, public-private partnership, etc., to expand waste management services;
-Illustrate innovative initiatives, achievements and good practices in 3R programmes and strategies at local and national levels; and
-Enhance regional input to CSD-19 and UNCSD/Rio+20, in terms of various policy options and recommendations, as consolidated regional views, in response to major findings and outcome of the CSD-18 in waste management sector.

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Keynote Address:
Strategic Solid Waste Management: The Malaysian Approach Dato Ahmad Hj Kabit, Secretary-General, MHLG Malaysia
Wastes to resources: Towards green economy and resource efficient society Prof. Friedrich Schmidt-Bleek, Director, Factor 10 Institute

Plenary Session 1:
Transitioning to Green Economy - Role of the 3Rs
Decoupling of environmental degradation from resource use through Integrated Waste Management Prasad Modak, Environmental Management Centre
Policies for Resource Efficient and Green Economies in Asia Stefanos Fotiou, UNEP
Addressing environmental and social costs by internalizing externalities in product prices Reka Soos, Green Partners Ltd.
Ecological tax reforms in support of green innovation and R & D: Case of Germany Martina Kolb, GTZ
Mainstreaming 3Rs towards achieving a low carbon and sound material cycle society Tetsuo Ito, Director General, Department of Waste Management and Recycling, MoE-Japan
Toward green economy by expansion of market of recycling business Yoshito Koga, President, Dowa Eco-System Co., Ltd.

Plenary Session 2:
Partnerships for realizing Low Carbon and Resource Efficient Society
Challenges and opportunities with green technology transfer on the 3Rs Chettiyappan Visvanathan, 3RKH/AIT
Opportunities of carbon finance for solid waste management and the 3Rs Nadine Dulac, BTC
Partnership options to make the 3Rs as basis for resource efficient society Magnus Bengtsson, IGES
Capacity development and institutional strengthening for transitioning to low carbon and resource efficient society Mitsuo Yoshida, JICA
UNDP's initiatives in waste management/3Rs in the context of climate change mitigation Maria Nyholm, Environment and Energy Branch, UNDP New York
OECD Approach on Sustainable Materials Management towards Resource Efficiency Peter Borkey, OECD
Strategies and roadmap towards GHG emission reduction by Waste Sector MHLG Malaysia

Plenary Session 3:
Role of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Informal Sectors
Is resource efficiency a challenge or opportunity for SMEs? Ijaz Hossain, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Sustainable policy options in dealing with hazardous and e-wastes: Unique challenges and the way ahead for SMEs Sunil Herat, Griffith University
Application of cleaner production by SMEs: Best practices Heinz Leuenberger, UNIDO
Improving recycling rates through privatization and economic incentives to informal sector Anne Scheinberg, WASTE
Potential benefits for SMEs through strengthening waste recycling market Sandra Spies, GTZ
Financing of Waste Management: Different Approaches and Examples Atilio Savino, President, ISWA

Keynote Address
Sustainable Singapore Blueprint - Boosting Resource Efficiency and Green Economy Joseph Hui Kim Sung, Director-General of Environmental Protection Division, National Environment Agency (NEA)-Singapore

Plenary Session 4:
Implementing 3R Programmes and Strategies at Local, National and Regional Level
Need for 3R strategies by CRC Mohanty, UNCRD
Financing the 3Rs for the next decade: from ADB perspective Vijay Joshi, ADB
Public-Private-Community partnership for the 3Rs promotion in Bangladesh Maqsood Sinha, Waste Concern
Community based 3Rs/waste management: Cases from India George C. Varughese, President, Development Alternatives
Implications of waste management policies and practices in Pacific island countries Esther Richards, Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)
Biomass waste utilization for energy security in Malaysia P. Agamuthu, Univ. of Malaya
Key benchmark and performance indicators for waste management/3R - from Sustainable Cities' perspective Anne Scheinberg, WASTE (PDF)
Sorted collection of various types of wastes and recycling : Cases of municipalities in Asia Akio Okumura, Japanese Environmental Sanitation Center
Review of management system to deal with transboundary movement of wastes from regional perspective Li, Jinhui, Tsinghua University and BCRC China

Round Table 1
Addressing current capacity and institutional framework in the promotion of 3Rs and sound material cycle society
1. Cambodia
2. Lao PDR
3. Myanmar
4. Thailand
5. Viet Nam

Round Table 2
Partnerships for 3Rs promotion towards low carbon and resource efficient society
1. Bangladesh
2. Brunei Darussalam
3. Indonesia
4. Mongolia
5. Philippines
6. Timor Leste

Round Table 3
Addressing 3Rs in the context of green economy and sound material cycle society
2. India
3. Japan
4. Republic of Korea
5. Malaysia
6. Singapore

Round Table 4
Assessment of critical and emerging trends in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)
1. Fiji
2. Kiribati
3. Palau
4. Samoa
5. Solomon Islands

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