Environmentally Sustainable Transport for Asian cities: A Sourcebook (English), UNCRD
Effective access and mobility is a basis for making sustainable human development a reality. In Asia today, though, as the streets become increasingly congested and contaminated, the strides being made in economic development are at risk. The uncontrolled growth of cars and motorcycles has undermined human health, urban environmental quality, economic productivity, and social equity. This Sourcebook on Environmentally Sustainable Transport for Asian Cities seeks to offer an alternative to the current mobility form of urban centres that are increasingly chaotic, dangerous, unhealthy, and environmentally damaging. Measures and practices such as efficient public transport, quality public space and cycleways, and prudent restrictions on private motorised vehicles have proven effective in not only reducing the negative impacts of unsustainable transport but also in providing a means to improve the basic quality of human life. The best practices in Environmentally Sustainable Transport are introduced by the efforts of leading cities in Asia such as Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, and Tokyo. Additionally, this document builds upon the body of knowledge and leadership shown in examples globally, including Amsterdam, Bogota, Brisbane, Copenhagen, Curitiba, Guayaquil, Rouen, and Zurich.

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