First National Stakeholders Consultation Meeting for the Formulation of National 3R Strategy for Indonesia
19 Sep 2007 - 20 Sep 2007
Jakarta, Indonesia

the Ministry of Environment (MoE)-Indonesia

Participants (PDF)
About 50 participants from the following organizations
Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Trade
Ministry of Health
Department of Public Work
Department of Tourism, and Department of Labour
Local government
Research institutes
Private sectors

Agenda (PDF)

The first Consultation was held after the submission of the first draft of 3R National Strategy for Indonesia. Over 50 participants were invited, including the relevant ministries of the central government, local government, NGOs, and private sectors, who together critically reviewed the draft 3R Strategy. The participants were very active in providing their comments. The following are some of the main points raised by the participants.

- Some existing decrees and guidelines should be carefully studied to ensure that the National 3R Strategy is consistent with, and is build upon them.
-In-depth review of existing laws, regulations and programs should be done to improve the legal framework to become more supportive to private sector, so that they can become active in 3R implementation.
- Some areas that have a good potential for recycle were highlighted such as thermal recycle and the use of fly ash as raw material for a wide range of products. These issues can be looked into as fields of opportunities in the Strategy document.

Following the National Consultation Meeting, the core group (Ministry of Environment-Indonesia, Bandung Institute of Technology, and UNCRD) met on 20 September and: (1) discussed/confirmed the main comments raised by the participants; (2) provided additional comments to improve the draft Strategy; and (3) agreed on the time line and schedule of events in preparation of the events in preparation of the revised Strategy. (2nd draft)

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