UNCRD 45th Anniversary Commemorative Event
30 Aug 2016 - 1 Sep 2016
Nagoya City and Toyota City, Japan

The UNCRD 45th Anniversary Commemorative Event to be held in Nagoya, from 30 August to 1 September 2016, is composed of the Expert Group Meeting, Public Symposium, and the technical tour to Toyota City.

The details of the programme will be posted in due course.

<30 August (9:00-18:20) and 31 August 2016 (9:00-12:00)>
Expert Group Meeting, “Regional Development in the Context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”

I. Regional Empowerment, Regional Governance and Institutional Reforms to achieve a Sustainable Regional Development
II. Planning for sustainable, inclusive and resilient region/city
III. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and social dimensions of regional development
IV. The role of the private sector in sustainable and resilient city building

Language: English

<31 August 3016 (14:00-16:50)>
Public Symposium: “Wisdom of the World and Wisdom of Chubu ~ Sustainable and Resilient Regional Development ~ United Nations Centre for Regional Development”

- Report of the Expert Group Meeting
- Keynote Speech
- Panel discussion

Admission: Free; Pre-registration required.
Registration: Full. Thank you very much!
Language: English / Japanese (simultaneous interpretation)

<1 September 2016 (morning)>
Technical Tour

Ecoful Town, Toyota City

Language: English

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