Public Forum for the signature of the intergovernmental agreement of the Special Administrative and Planning Region - RAPE Central Region
27 Jan 2014 - 27 Jan 2014
Bogota, Colombia

The intergovernmental agreement between the territorial entities is supported by a technical and legal framework that sets the ground to create the most prospers and stable region in Colombia in terms of sustainable economic and social development while preserving the fragile ecosystems of the region.

UNCRD will continue supporting this process of regional integration by providing technical assistance to the involved entities. The signing of this agreement is a firm step towards integration in the region, but it also poses challenges in terms of reaching consensus on important regional issues such as food security, providing a balanced intermodal transportation and logistics systems, ensure the water supply for the region, and topics related to climate change and protection of the Ecological Regional Structure (ERS). The role of UNCRD is key on providing assistance and facilitating dialogue between the four Departamentos and the City of Bogotá as the process of forming the first Administrative and Planning Region (RAPE) Central Region in Colombia continues and consensus is needed on the key issues mentioned above.

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