Forum on Territorial Planning and Regional Development
25 Jun 2013 - 25 Jun 2013
Bogota, Colombia

In the context of Project Capacity Building on Regional Development Planning and Management, implemented under the current agreement between UNCRD and the City of Bogotá, a Forum on Territorial Planning and Regional Development was held in Bogota. This Forum was implemented as the closing event of the Project. Specific objectives of this forum were:
(1) Disseminating the Project outcomes and lessons learnt to relevant governments and institutions engaged in the Bogotá regional integration initiative
(2) Discussing those challenges that the City is currently facing in the process of territorial integration with its surrounding region; and
(3) Exchanging experiences with other national and Latin American subnational regions in relation to the use of associative figures for territorial organization, as well as other institutional mechanisms to enable a proper coordination among authorities to attend issues of regional impact.

The Forum was highly evaluated by participants, based on a survey undertaken upon its completion. Some relevant opinions/recommendations were:
1. It is important to organize similar events to explore, discuss and analyze the relations among the different territorial entities in the region.
2. Suggested subjects for upcoming events could be focused on: Environment, Governance, Territorial Organization, Economy-Production and Commerce, Society and Security, Territorial impact of vulnerability population.
3. Presenters and panelists were considered very good due their profiles and expertise on the Forum theme, which resulted in a successful discussion and learning activity.
4. Upcoming events should include a wider variety of visions from the national government and representatives of the Region, to have a more comprehensive understanding of territorial planning and regional development in the Bogotá region.

Participants: Approx. 150 participants comprising public officials of national, regional and local levels, professionals and representatives of the academia interested in discussing, learning and sharing about regional integration in LAC.

Co-organizers: Bogotá´s Secretariat of Planning

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