Workshop on Food Security in Urban Regions in Latin America
5 Nov 2012 - 6 Nov 2012
Santiago, Chile

In the context of the training activities on urban and regional development planning and human security held in collaboration with UN/ECLAC, the City of Milan, and the Chilean Secretary of Regional Development (SUBDERE) in the past few years, a training workshop was held on Human Security (Food Security in urban regions) for LAC countries. This workshop counted on the participation of 9 cities and regions of 7 LAC countries, and aimed at the exchange of successful experiences of urban agriculture and food security in urban regions.

The workshop allowed an enhanced understanding about the rationale, results, lessons learnt of the case experiences; and a dynamic group analysis about the strengths and weaknesses of the initiatives, and those key aspects to be taken into account for the inclusion of food security in the territorial plans of cities and regions.
As a result of the quality of the cases presented and of the discussions, the Milan representative offered to provide funding for the systematization of the experiences to be exhibited in Milan Expo 2015 “Nurture the Planet, Energy for Life”, and building of articulated indicators on food and human security. UNCRD, FAO and UN/ECLAC agreed to discuss the building of a preliminary e-platform for the exchange of experiences, and supporting the strengthening of a network that was preliminarily generated from the seminar.

Participants: Representatives of 9 cities and regions of 7 Latin American countries (Managua/Ciudad Sandino (Nicaragua), Bogotá, Cundinamarca and Medellin (Colombia), Lima (Peru), Quito (Ecuador), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile), Mexico City (Mexico)

Co-organizers: UN/ECLAC, the City of Milan, and the Chilean Secretary of Regional Development (SUBDERE)

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