Intersectoral Launching Workshop of the Bogotá-Regional Integration Project 2012-2013
6 Jul 2012 - 6 Jul 2012
Bogota, Colombia

In the context of the of the Bogotá Regional Project implemented under the agreement with the City of Bogotá, UNCRD implemented a so called “Launching Workshop” which purpose was to disseminate the objectives and contents of the Agreement signed in May 2012 to relevant Secretariats and Offices and identifying common subjects of interest and their involvement in the Project activities.

Specific objectives of this workshop were: (a) Identifying the participation of different sectors of the City in the activities of the Agreement; (b) Assessing institutional and technical capacity of the entities participating in these activities to address a concerted vision of regional development and promote participation and coordination within these entities; (c) Defining immediate actions and commitments of interested parties.

The workshop comprised three exercises: (a) identification of the type of participation of the Capital District in building products established in the project and expected results specify the contributions and commitments of the participating sectors of DC in implementing the project. (b) Development of a simplified SWOT analysis to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats within the regional integration process, as well as the type of actions that must be carried by participating institutions, taking into account the institutional, legislation, administrative arrangements, resources (human, financial, technical, information, financial, etc..). (c) Discussion about priority actions, responsibilities and time frames to ensure the implementation of the Project. In the last part of the workshop was centered on the identification of priority activities, which were endorsed by the participants.

The workshop facilitated a dynamic inter-sectoral dialogue within the Capital District, which has met several times. This dialogue has enabled coordinating the proposals among the secretariats, making an important progress on strengthening regional projects, promoting convergence, and highlighting their synergies.

Participants: Approx. 25 public officials of Bogotá City administration (Secretariats of Planning, Environment, Economic Development, Government, and Mobility).

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