Forum on Water Management and Territorial Planning in the Bogota River Basin:
17 Jun 2012 - 18 Jun 2012
Cajicá, Colombia

Against the Bogotá regional integration project implemented by UNCRD, a Forum on Water Management and Territorial Planning in the Bogota River Basin was held, aimed at facilitating a space for dialogue among the variety of public, private and community stakeholders that act in this important territory of the region, discuss the diverse existing problems and possible solutions, and promoting a comprehensive strategic vision of its future development. The event generated ample interest and media coverage.

The event was attended by approximately 350 people, who included planning and environment secretaries of the Capital District, the governor of Cundinamarca, the mayors of 25 municipalities of Bogotá River Basin, environmental authorities, of civil society, among others. Representatives of the different entities, governments and organizations shared their views about the responsibilities of all, and how to address environmental degradation of the ecosystem, the illegal human settlements, the impact of climate change, water contamination, among others.

The Forum resulted in a declaration, which defined the main outcomes of the discussions.

Participants: 350 participants, representing Bogotá City and Cundinamarca high level officials, mayors and representatives of 25 municipalities, NGOs and community organizations.

Co-organizers:Millennium Foundation, UNCRD, CAR, Bogotá´s Chamber of Commerce, EAAB, City of Bogotá

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