International seminar on “Cities in transition toward a Green Economy”
17 Apr 2012 - 18 Apr 2012
Piura, Perú

In the context of UNCRD-LAC’s partnership with the International Urban Development Association (INTA), this organization, together with Ciudad Saludable (Waste Management NGO) and the Regional Government of Piura, Peru, joined efforts to organize this seminar with the objective of: (1) discussing contrasting experiences on sustainable development policies for the transition of Latin American cities to a green economy; (2) providing city and regional authorities the possibility to express their views on the challenges faced to attain sustainable development, and a green economy; and (3) facilitating participants to discuss about diverse urban practices and innovative projects that are defining future trends with regard to four priority areas: transport and mobility, energy generation, waste management, and housing and habitat.

Main achievements of this activity were the exchange of knowledge and experience, and debate on city approaches toward a green economy, among representatives of the cities of Aruba, Bogotá and Medellin (Colombia), Lima, Piura, Loja, Cajamarca, and Sullana (Peru), Bilbao, Madrid, and San Sebastian (Spain), New York (USA), Lyon (France). Concrete, practical, achievable and affordable solutions to attain green economy at the city and regional levels were also discussed, as well as the needs and challenges facing green economy of cities and regions. On the other hand, areas where UNCRD can have a role in capacity building (such as regional/territorial management, waste management and transportation) were identified. Main outcomes and guidelines for sustainability (related to the themes of discussion) for Rio+20 were also disseminated and discussed among participants.

IPLA's visibility was enhanced and awareness and discussion about main issues were highlighted on the theme of waste management in the context of the preparatory work in Latin America and the Caribbean facing Rio + 20. Bogotá and a variety of cities in Peru (through a policy promoted from the national level) are strongly promoting Zero Waste. The seminar also facilitated the discussion between Peru and Colombia to strengthen IPLA in Latin America.

Participants:200 participants, comprised of local, regional and national authorities of Peru, representatives of public and private entities, NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs), practitioners from Latin America, Europe and USA

Co-organizers: World Urban Development Association INTA, Ciudad Saludable, and the Regional Government of Piura, Perú

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