35th INTA Congress on Urban Development on “Metropolises: development strategies and alliances: Exit, Voice, and Loyalty”
6 Nov 2011 - 10 Nov 2011
Grenoble, France

UNCRD-LAC promotes expansion of its network of collaboration with relevant organizations for the exchange of experience and information, and to strengthen technical cooperation support to the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean in the area of integrated urban and regional development planning and management. The International Association for Urban Development (INTA) is part of these organizations.

In the context of the INTA-UNCRD solid partnership initiated in 2010, UNCRD-LAC was invited to participate in the INTA 35 World Congress. The invitation was based on UNCRD-LAC experience on the theme of the Congress, particularly on capacity building for integrated regional and urban development management.

UNCRD-LAC contribution on territorial alliances on urban territories allowed to: (i) illustrate with practical examples in Lac supported by the Office and methodological approaches and capacity building activities to promote collaborative management at different territorial scales in metropolitan regions, which was well received and appreciated by participants. (ii) Learning from challenges faced by a wide variety of metropolitan regions of the hemisphere (African, Asian, European and American) and ways to address these challenges, very useful for the Office’s activities. (iii) Improvement of UNCRD-LAC’s network of collaboration to strengthen activities in Latin American and the Caribbean. INTA’s global network of expertise opens interesting opportunities to strengthen the Office’s capacity to serve LAC countries in the context of Rio+20.

The above materialized in the future implementation of an international seminar on “Cities in Transition toward a Green Economy”, to be held in Peru in 2012, and also generated increasing potential for collaboration with the World Bank on the themes of capacity building for regional territorial management which is gaining momentum in LAC.

Participants: 300 participants comprising urban policy makers, practitioners, governmental and economic leaders

Collaborating organizations/implementing partners: International Association for Urban Development INTA

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