IPLA Policy Forum on Waste Management in Urban Territories: Towards the Construction of Secure, Healthy and Inclusive Cities
26 Oct 2011 - 28 Oct 2011
Lima, Peru

As part of the activities for the promotion and expansion of the International Partnership for Expanding Waste Management Services to Local Authorities (IPLA). A number of interested organizations in LAC countries have engaged in the initiative, since it was launched in August 2011. In this context and based on the increasing interest generated in Latin America on the theme, this Forum on waste management was organized by UNCRD in collaboration with INTA and Ciudad Saludable who joined efforts in this Forum to analyze the main strategies that cities are implementing today and that will establish a trend in the management and treatment of waste in the coming years, and also to continue promoting and expanding IPLA's network in Latin America.

Major outputs were: (i) Needs and challenges facing waste management discussed, and areas where UNCRD can have an important role in capacity building (such as regional/territorial management, urban management and human security) identified; (ii) Issues shared by Latin America and other developing countries in Asia and Africa identified, to streamline exchange of experiences with these regions in a context of South-South cooperation; (iii) Relevant practical experiences exchanged about effective policies and strategic alliances with private sector, non-governmental (NGOs) and community based organizations, and particularly the community of recyclers. Also on innovative technologies for waste recycling, reuse and disposal, and financial mechanisms for creation of micro-enterprises; (iv) Linkages strengthened with organizations with which UNCRD can build strategic synergies as INTA and Ciudad Saludable, organizations which share with UNCRD-LAC a common interest on sustainable urban development and waste management in the context of human security; and (v) IPLA's visibility enhanced as well as awareness and discussion about main issues highlighted on the theme of waste management in the context of the preparatory work in Latin America and the Caribbean facing Rio + 20 (in which UNCRD-LAC actively participate).

Participants: Approx. 200 participants comprising 12 international experts, representatives of local and regional governments, private sector, researchers, national authorities and urban professionals

Collaborating organizations/implementing partners: The International Association of Urban Management (INTA) and Ciudad Saludable (Peruvian NGO)

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