Human Security Training Workshop for Children to support the UN Inter-Agency Human Security project in the Municipality of Soacha, Colombia
3 Sep 2011 - 3 Sep 2011
Soacha, Colombia

This workshop is part of the activities developed in the implementation of Phase 2 of the technical support provided by UNCRD to integrate the human security perspective in the UN Interagency Project being developed in Soacha, Colombia. The purpose of this activity was (i) to train staff members of the UN System in Colombia in human security to build a common framework for the project; (ii) document the results of the human security assessments analysis in the study area (Altos de la Florida in Soacha), and (iii) design a model for the monitoring and evaluation from the human security approach, to be replicated in other territories.

This project is viewed within the UN System in Colombia as a good example of interagency cooperation in the country, and UN agencies and resident coordinator acknowledge the support of UNCRD-LAC in building capacities on the understanding of the human security concept to the project’s improvement. The project has also been useful to consolidate UNCRD-LAC’s niche on the theme of human security.

The project workplan included the implementation of 4 workshops with community participation (for children, youth, women and community leaders), but due to UN security restrictions in the area only the Workshop for Children was able to be implemented, however, the design of the 4 workshops was developed within the human security assessment process, this allowed to innovate on information capturing (in four different levels) as an input to the human security assessment methodology developed by UNCRD. Specifically, the design and implementation of the workshop for children allowed innovation in ‘leisure’ strategies for the capturing of information.

UNCRD is increasingly receiving requests to support UN and international cooperation agencies in undertaking training on human security, particularly to improve formulation or implementation of projects financed by the Trust Fund for Human Security.

Participants: 20 staff member personnel of the eight UN agencies involved in the project.
40 children living in the project area.

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