International Forum on “Moving Towards Zero Waste in Latin America”
17 Aug 2011 - 17 Aug 2011
Bogota, Colombia

In collaboration with the UNCRD Environment Program UNCRD-LAC amply supported the launching and promotion of IPLA in Latin America and the Caribbean through the implementation of a diversity of activities. Relevant ones included the establishment of IPLA’s Sub-regional Secretariat for the northern part of Latin America in Bogota, headed by the Administrative Unit for Social Services of Bogotá (UAESP). IPLA was launched in LAC at the International Forum on “Moving Towards Zero Waste in Latin America” held in collaboration with the UAESP. An agreement was signed by the participating countries committing to promote IPLA.

The Forum focused on the analysis of different alternatives used by the countries of Latin America in terms of: (i) Culture of waste minimization, (ii) Regulations for waste minimization, (iii) waste minimization processes, (iv) Incentives for reuse and waste minimization, (v) Policies to lower generation of waste (vi) Campaigns education, outreach and awareness of users in pursuit of behavioral change and attitude towards the minimization of waste generation, and (vii) Raising awareness of users about reducing, reusing and recycling waste

IPLA’s initiative has generated great interest in local and regional authorities from Latin America to be part of the initiative and to participate in its activities. Registrations from LAC´s local authorities and private organizations, NGO´s, etc. are rapidly increasing due to its diffusion.

Attendance: Approx. 850 participants comprising international experts, representatives of local authorities, private sector and NGO’s

Collaborating organizations/implementing partners: Special Administrative Unit for Social Services of Bogotá (UAESP)

Participant´s country: Dominican Republic, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia

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