International Seminar on “Human Security in the Latin American Integration Agenda with emphasis in Climate Change and Natural Disasters¨
11 Aug 2011 - 12 Aug 2011
Valparaiso, Chile

This Forum was held in the context of the project implemented by UNCRD-LAC in collaboration with the University of Blas Pascal of Argentina under the UNESCO Chair for Human Security and Regional Development, with the support and participation of the Latin American Organization of Intermediate Governments (OLAGI, Spanish acronym). This activity aimed at fostering appropriation of the human security and regional development approach, in articulation to climate change and risk management in Latin American local and regional governments, and to build consensus on principles articulated to these subjects.

Among the outcomes of the Forum it is worth mentioning a shared understanding among participants on the human security, territorial security and integrated regional development approach and better understanding about the articulation of climate change adaptation and risk management to these concepts. Concrete experiences were also exchanged among participating countries, and a preliminary common agenda was identified, to be developed in LAC countries.

To be highlighted as well was the enhanced visibility attained of UNCRD-LAC and its work, and the relevance and potential of the analytical instruments and methodologies developed by UNCRD, opening opportunities to contribute to Rio+20.

A concrete output of this Forum was a ‘Declaration’ on the theme previously drafted by UNCRD-LAC. The document which generated ample interest, was discussed and signed by the participating sub national authorities, and was presented as an input for Rio+20 at UN/ECLAC’s meeting held in Santiago, Chile on September 2011 at the Latin America and the Caribbean preparatory meeting for Rio+20.

Attendance: 60 governors and regional/sub national administrators and public officials of Latin American and the Caribbean countries

Collaborating organizations/implementing partners: UNESCO Chair for Human Security and Regional Development of Blas Pascal University of Argentina; Latin American Organization of Intermediate Governments (OLAGI)

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