Capacity building/training programme on Good Governance and Development of Cundinamarca with emphasis on Human Security and Integrated Regional Development
6 Apr 2011 - 18 Jun 2011
Bogota, Colombia

In collaboration with the Departamento of Cundinamarca, the Public Administration School (ESAP), and the National Planning Department of Colombia, UNCRD-LAC conducted training on human security and integrated regional development concepts for the candidates running for Mayors and Council Members in the municipalities of the Department of Cundinamarca in the 2011 election in Colombia.

The programme aims at raising awareness in the participants about basic concepts of good governance, and that these are assimilated and internalized by candidates and elected local administrators in Cundinamarca, and used in the formulation of their government plans.

In the second half of the year, UNCRD –LAC will support in the implementation of a training programme comprising 5 training modules (directed to candidates) and 1 seminar (directed to elected mayors and council members)

Participants: 900 participants from the 116 municipalities of Cundinamarca (training module and 5 workshops)

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