Study on Policy Guidelines for the Adaptation of the Metropolitan and Regional Structure of the Bogotá-Cundinamarca Region to the Trend of Displacement and Relocation of Industrial Displacement
16 May 2011 - 30 Jun 2011
Bogota, Colombia

In response to the request of the Bogotá City Planning Office, UNCRD-LAC initiated a study aimed at defining a set of proposals applicable to Bogota’s territorial, economic and fiscal urban policies, to facilitate their adaptation to the land use and fiscal changes occurring in the urban, metropolitan and regional environments, particularly related to the trend of displacement and relocation of industrial displacement in the Bogotá region.

The study includes: (i) the analysis of the processes and factors that are causing the phenomenon of relocation of economic activities in Bogotá and the surrounding municipalities, and (ii) territorial, economic and fiscal proposals designed to articulated a coordinated policy that could successfully respond to these processes with the main goal of maximize economic, social and environmental benefits for both municipalities administrations, and citizens.

Five meetings have been held with representatives of the Bogotá Planning Office, the Office for Economic Development, and the Finance Office to discuss the project proposal and methodology, collect relevant information, and disseminate the outcomes of the study to date.

Attendance:20 public officials representing different secretariats and offices of the City of Bogotá

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