Supporting the UN Inter-Agency Human Security project in the Municipality of Soacha, Colombia
1 Sep 2010 - 15 Dec 2010
Soacha, Colombia

Under its technical assistance framework, and in response to an invitation from the UN System in Colombia, UNCRD is providing support to the Inter-Agency project entitled “Improvement of human security conditions of the vulnerable population in Soacha, through the development of sustainable and integrated participatory social protection solutions,” funded by the United Nations Human Security Trust Fund. The project coordinated by OCHA, comprises the participation of 7 UN agencies (UNICEF, UNIFEM, FAO, OPS, PMA, ACNUR y UNODC).

Within this context, UNCRD has developed a series of training workshops and coordination meetings addressed to a group of 20 UN staff members involved in the project.

Activities developed by UNCRD include the following: (1) training workshops focusing on human security concepts, human security assessment processes and the use of instruments and tools; (2) coordination meetings to support the articulation of the participating UN agencies under a common human security framework; and (3) support in the development of the human security assessment process in the municipality of Soacha.

This project has been considered a model project in LAC by the Human Security Trust Fund.

Attendance: A group of 20 UN staff members involved in the implementation of the Human Security project in the Municipality of Soacha.

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