Workshops for the articulation of Territorial Development Plans of 4 Pilot Municipalities in the Bogotá-Sabana Region
1 Oct 2010 - 1 Dec 2010
Bogota, Colombia

Since 2009, UNCRD-LAC supports 25 municipalities that surround the City of Bogotá in the revision, adjustment, and harmonization of their territorial and land-use plans to address fundamental social, economic, and environmental issues that require an interjurisdictional common understanding and collaboration between the territories.

As part of this process during 2010 UNCRD-LAC continued supporting and facilitating the exchange of information and discussions for the articulation of Territorial Development Plans of the municipalities of Cundinamarca with the implementation of a series of workshops and meetings. In the second semester of 2010 workshops were developed focusing aspects related to strengthening the regional, fiscal and tributary dimensions in the territorial organization of the Bogotá-Cundinamarca Capital Region.

The main purpose of this phase was to build a joint subregional agenda on public finances to guide the municipal and the Bogotá District authorities in decision making to strengthen regional territorial development by bringing together public officials of the finance and treasury offices with those responsible of territorial organization issues of the participating entities. Main expected outcomes were to advance in the formulation of guidelines to define agreements among participating entities on sustainable development principles, and to apply these principles in their territorial organization and management plans.

Two main activities were developed under this initiative: (1) A workshop for the consolidation and dissemination of results; and (2) Eight individual workshops in four selected municipalities interested in incorporating the principles, guidelines and instruments resulting from the first phases of the process. These four selected municipalities were also interested in developing pilot territorial plans that could be replicated in other municipal territories.

Attendance: 50 participants comprising representatives of Bogotá, Cundinamarca, the 25 municipalities surrounding Bogotá, public officials of national and regional levels, representatives of the private sector, and representatives of other invited Colombian subregions (consolidation and dissemination workshop).
50 participants in total comprising public officials of four selected municipalities (individual workshops).

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