Workshops (2) for the Articulation of the Territorial Plans of the City of Bogotá and 25 Municipalities comprising the Bogotá-Sabana Region
25 Mar 2010 - 21 Apr 2010
Bogota, Colombia

UNCRD-LAC is supporting since 2009, 25 municipalities surrounding the City of Bogotá in the revision, adjustment, and harmonization of their territorial and land-use plans to address fundamental social, economic, and environmental issues that require common understanding and collaboration between them.

As a continuation of this process UNCRD-LAC organized in 2010 the implementation of workshops approaching two main aspects (a) the recognition of common regional issues by all parties involved and definition of guiding principles to allow the application of local policies in an integrated and sustainable regional context; and (b) to include in this process strengthening the fiscal and tributary dimension linked to territorial planning in order to articulate both agendas and harmonize local practices and instruments to promote competitiveness instead of internal competition among these territorial entities through the use of non appropriate tributary mechanisms .

The outcomes of these workshops will be the bases to establish common agreements among municipalities and with the City of Bogotá.

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