Continuation of workshop series (8) under the Human Security Assessment project as input to the Social Management Plan for the Territorial Recovery of the Area of Influence of the Open Waste Disposal Dump of the City of Bogotá “Doña Juana”
18 Jan 2010 - 19 Mar 2010
Bogota, Colombia

The outcomes of the Human Security Assessment project undertaken in the Bogotá-Cundinamarca Region from 2006 to 2008, generated the interest of the Special Administrative Unit of Public Services of Bogotá (UAESP, Spanish Acronym), which requested technical assistance from UNCRD-LAC to apply the Human Security Assessments methodology in analyzing the conditions of vulnerability in communities affected by the open waste disposal dump of Bogotá (called "Doña Juana") as an input in the formulation of the Social Management Plan for the Territorial Recovery of its area of influence.

The project of participatory nature involved a variety of complementary activities as meetings/workshops of different characteristics, aimed at building a common vision of the future of the area, and identifying actions to reduce/eliminate the threats that undermine the security of the people, and for the territorial, social, environmental and economic recovery of the area, to be included in the Social Management Plan.

Workshop series of January was specifically centered on presenting and discussing with communities involved, the “Project Matrix” resulting from the analysis of the assessment process undertaken in 2009, as well as in introducing new proposed projects.

Workshop series of February focused on disseminating the results of the survey process within the communities of the study area, which included Household surveys and workshops for communities and for public officials.

Workshop series of March was dedicated to training and capacity building of public officials of the local level on human security issues and on key aspects for the implementation of the Social Management Plan for the territorial recovery of the area of influence of the open waste disposal dump of the city of Bogotá “Doña Juana”.

This experience has generated international interest and the UAESP has participated in several events to share their experience.

Attendance: January: A total of 70 participants representing community leaders and general public of the study area (Colombia)
February: 200 participants comprised of community leaders and general public, and public officials of local and regional levels
March: 30 participants representing public officials of the City of Bogotá, in charge or responsible for the development of the study area.

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