Workshops for the Articulation of the Territorial Organization Plans of the Municipalities comprising the Bogotá-Sabana Region
13 Aug 2009 - 25 Aug 2009
Bogota, Colombia

UNCRD-LAC organized workshops to support the municipalities surrounding the City of Bogotá in the revision, adjustment, and harmonization of their territorial organization and land-use plans to address fundamental social, economic, and environmental issues that require common understanding and collaboration between Bogotá and the municipalities. The methodology includes the identification of common regional issues among municipalities and the City of Bogotá. The exercises to be developed will be centred on three main regional structures: (1) Main Ecological Structure; (2) Functional and Public Services Structure; and (3) Socioeconomic Structure.

Attendants: 50 participants (each workshop), representing public officials of the municipalities conforming the Bogotá-Sabana region, the State of Cundinamarca and the City of Bogotá, representatives of environmental entities, ministries, and national experts and consultants.

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