Training Workshop on Project Planning and Management and Data Collection and Analysis in Oromia Region, Ethiopia
5 Apr 2004 - 27 Apr 2004
Adama (Nazareth), Ethiopia


Oromia is the largest and most populous region in Ethiopia. Endowed with diverse agro-ecological zones, Oromia has a dominant position in Ethiopia's economy. It is the leading producer of coffee, fruits, oil seeds, cotton, tea and cereals. Despite its vast natural and human resources, the region state of Oromia is faced with a growing demand for qualified regional planners who have skills in project planning and management, data collection, analysis and information management. The in-country training is designed to fill this gap and assist the region state of Oromia in its human resources development Programme by ensuring the availability of skilled manpower in the region.


  • To support the regional state of Oromia in its human resource development

  • To enable the planners from the region to design and implement effective regional development plans and projects

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