UNCRD-ENNDA Stakeholder Workshop on Regional Development Planning and Plan Preparation in Ewaso Ng'iro River Basin
26 May 2004 - 28 May 2004
Isiolo, Kenya


Kenya has adopted regional development planning as one of its main economic development strategies during the last four decades. The Government of Kenya, towards this goal requested the UNCRD Africa Office to design and carry out an in-country training programme focusing on capacity-building and providing technical support to ENNDA to prepare a regional development plan for Ewaso Ng'iro River basin. The basin is in an arid and semi arid region. Between 1997 and 1999, the UNCRD Africa Office successfully conducted in-country training in the ENNDA region. ENNDA staff were training in regional data collection and development profile formulation. The Regional Development Profile of Ewaso Ng'iro North River Basin in Kenya, (UNCRD Research Report Series No. 28) was published following that programme. The UNCRD Africa Office will build on this experience in assisting ENNDA to conduct a series of training workshops on regional development planning and plan preparation beginning with the workshop which will be held in May 2004.


  • To sensitize the local communities on river basin approaches to natural resource development and regional plan preparation

  • To train planners and development administrators at ENNDA on stakeholder consultation and community involvement in problem identification and analysis in regional development planning and plan preparation

  • To meet stakeholders, consult and discuss areas of collaboration in river basin regional development planning and plan preparation

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