37th International Training Course in Regional Development (ITC 37)
14 May 2009 - 24 Jun 2009
Nagoya, Japan

The United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD) conducted the Thirty-Seventh International Training Course in Regional Development (ITC 37) in Nagoya from 14 May to 24 June 2009. The ITC is UNCRDfs flagship programme and this yearfs course was attended by thirteen participants, with the support of The Regional Network of Local Authorities for the Management of Human Settlements (CITYNET), Aichi Prefectural Government, and Okayama University. With the completion of ITC 37, the total number of alumni rose to 919 from seventy-one countries.

This year, under the theme of "Sustainable Regional Development (SRD)," the course was structured around the following six modules:

Module 1: Sustainable Regional Development and Human Security
Module 2: Environmental Management
Module 3: Disaster Management
Module 4: Regional Development in Japan
Module 5: Living Environment
Module 6: Synthesis

Judging from the results of the course evaluation questionnaire, the majority of participants were in agreement that all of the course goals and objectives were achieved. (Refer to the Prospectus and the Completion Report for further details.)

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