Training Workshop on Development of Indicators for Performance Monitoring
15 Dec 2008 - 17 Dec 2008
Nairobi, Kenya


The training workshop targets government agencies and institutions, both central and local, and key actors including the NGOs involved in monitoring and evaluation. This workshop should have a significant impact in terms of enhancing the necessary skills for tracking and monitoring the efficient use of development resources, and thus facilitate achievement of developmental goals targetted by the MDGs for poverty reduction.


More specifically, the objectives of the workshop are:
  • To introduce the concepts of results-based monitoring and evaluation (RBME) and the Strategic Results Framework (SRF) for institutions;

  • To develop indicators for performance monitoring at the institutional level;

  • To develop indicators for performance monitoring at the project and programme levels;

  • Methodological issues in RBME; and

  • Practicum.
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