Expert Group Meeting on Strengthening National Capacity for the Integration of Sustainable Development Principles into Development Strategies of Countries Emerging from Conflict
18 Nov 2009 - 19 Nov 2009
United Nations Office, Nairobi, Kenya


The meeting was held as part of a larger effort to improve capacities of countries emerging from conflict to integrate sustainable development principles into development strategies and thereby increase the likelihood of sustainable peace.


  • To review and evaluate experiences and status of methodologies for integrating sustainable development principles in overall development strategies in countries emerging from conflict;

  • Highlight key challenges, their causes and areas of concern related to sustainable development planning;

  • Identify and assess the critical gaps in the area of national sustainable development strategies (NSDS) and comprehensive development planning in conflict-affected countries;

  • Develop selection criteria of the pilot countries to be considered under the project; and

  • Make recommendations and propose areas to be tackled to achieve the main project objectives of:

  • 1. increasing capacities to utilize sustainable development principles in policy-making in countries emerging from conflict; and
    2. producing methodologies (scalable toolkit) based on NSDS guidelines that explain and illustrate ways to integrate sustainable development principles into national development strategies as part of peace-building.

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