Senior Policy Seminar on Climate Change and Poverty in Asia and Africa: Challenges and Initiatives
3 Aug 2010 - 5 Aug 2010
Bandung, Indonesia


The main objective of the seminar is to discuss the impact of climate change on poverty and examine the policy options available to policymakers in terms of mitigation and adaptation to climate change to reduce its adverse effects in the African and Asian regions. More specifically, the seminar aimed at:
  • Examining the correlation between climate change and poverty in Asia and Africa;
  • Addressing the impact of climate change on vulnerable groups of African and Asian society;
  • Exploring adaptation and mitigation strategies to reduce the adverse impact of climate change in both Africa and Asia;
  • Providing a forum to exchange experiences between senior policymakers and scholars of the two continents about best practices of addressing the problem of climate change and poverty reduction.
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