Training Workshop on District and Regional Development Planning and Management in Botswana: Phase III
8 Sep 2010 - 24 Sep 2010
Gaborone, Botswana


The overall objective of the in-country training programme is to train planners and government officials in effective district development planning and project planning and management towards supporting decentralization programmes of the Government of Botswana by enhancing district development planning and implementation. Specifically, the programme will achieve the following objectives:
  • To build the planning capacity of district planning staff and district officials in the implementation of development plans and projects as well as in monitoring and evaluating them;
  • To build the capacity of the ministerial staff and planners for giving technical advice and guidance in district and local implementation of development plans and projects as well as in monitoring and evaluation;
  • To train district and regional planners in data collection and analysis skills;
  • To enhance the capacity of local authority officials and ministerial planners and project managers on project planning, implementation and management;
  • To develop practical skills for facilitating effective community participation in project planning, management, and implementation; and
  • To strengthen the capacity of development and project implementation agencies and institutions for effective coordination of planning and implementation of development projects.
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