IPLA Global Forum 2012 on Empowering Municipalities in Building Zero Waste Society - A Vision for the post-Rio+20 Sustainable Urban Development
5 Sep 2012 - 6 Sep 2012
Seoul, Republic of Korea

The IPLA Global Forum 2012 on Empowering Municipalities in Building Zero Waste Society - A Vision for the post-Rio+20 Sustainable Urban Development was held on 5-6 September 2012 in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Meeting Summary (inc. participants list) (PDF)

The objective of the Forum was to: reinforce the recommendations of the Declaration for Moving towards Zero Waste through IPLA (Daegu Declaration 2011); and discuss the best means of addressing the Rio+20 recommendations on sustainable cities, and how to make those actions as the basis for empowering municipalities in developing countries in respect of achieving zero waste societies.

Organized by:
- Ministry of Environment, Republic of Korea
- United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD)

Supported by:
- Korean Society of Waste Management (KSWM)
- Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corp (SLC)
- Korea Environment Corporation (KECO)

Approximately 100 participants, including representatives from cities and municipalities, national governments, the private sector, NGOs, research and academic institutions, UN and international organizations, among others.

KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center), Seoul, Republic of Korea

Concept Note:


Day 1
Keynote Speech
"Zero Waste Society in Boras City, Sweden - Strategies to Action" (PDF) by Dr. Hans Bjork, Dean of School of Engineering, University of Boras, Sweden

Recent Climate Change Issues and GHG Emission Reduction Potential from Biomass Resources (PDF) by Prof. Ralph Sims, Massey University, New Zealand

Theme 1: Role of IPLA towards sustainable cities
Solid Waste Management and Sustainable Cities: A 21 21st st Century Perspective (PDF)
IPLA in the Context of Sustainable and Resilient Cities: TowardsRealizing Rio+20 Outcome: The Future We Want (PDF)
The Future we want for ant the Waste Sector (PDF)

Theme 2: Zero waste policies and programmes towards resilient urban communities
Zero Waste South Australia (PDF)
Solid Waste Management Practice & Initiatives of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (PDF)
Solid Waste Management in Shanghai (PDF)
Overview of Wastes Management in Mauritius (PDF)
Household Food Waste Management In the Republic of Korea Toward Green Growth (PDF)
South-South cooperation toward zero waste and climate change mitigation in developing Asian cities (PDF)

Theme 3: Public-private-partnerships (PPP) towards zero waste cities
Public-Private Partnership in Exporting Waste Management Services (PDF)
Enabling Conditions for Successful Private Sector Participation and Investment in the Waste Sector - Experiences of Germany - (PDF)
Collaborative Capacities for Sustainable Human Development (PDF)
Public-Private Partnership and Decentralized Composting Approach in Dhaka, Bangladesh (PDF)
Distribution of BAT/BEP in waste management in regions of Russia and EurAsEC (PDF)
Management of E-waste Recycling System in Korea (PDF)

Day 2
Theme 4: Local Government Initiatives on Innovative Waste Management
Sana's Secretariat Yemen (PDF)
Waste Management in Provincia de Azuay, Ecuador (PDF)
Main Aspects of the Tunisian Waste Management Strategies (PDF)
Local Government Initiatives on Innovative Waste Management Sri Lanka Experiences (PDF)
The community collections of recyclables by community groups The waste management in Arakawa (PDF)
Integrated Management of Regional Recyclable Resources: Dan Yang's Example (Eco-Recycling Complex) (PDF)

Report and Announcements by the IPLA Global, Regional, and Sub-Regional Secretariats
Public Private Partnership in Waste Management through IPLA: What does Private Sector Want? (PDF)
Regional Forum on the Economic and Ecological Potentials of Greening the Waste Sector in MENA & the Marrakech Declaration (PDF)
Delivery of Waste Management Training to Empower Local Authorities in Building Resource Efficient Zero Waste Societies (PDF)
Framework programme for expanding waste management services of local authorities (EWAMS) (PDF)
Framework Programme for Expanding Waste Management Services of Local Authorities within Caribbean SIDS (PDF)
Solid Waste Management in SOUTH ASIA (PDF)

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