UNCRD Workshop on Teachers and Management Training for Quality Education Delivery and Conflict Prevention
13 Mar 2013 - 14 Mar 2013
Dadaab, Northern Kenya

The Dadaab refugee camp and the local surrounding areas, located in under developed north eastern region of Kenya, suffers from two major constraints to sustainable human capital development. The first is low education levels due to poor and inadequate number of physical facilities for education and greatly limited human resource capacity responsible for management of persons responsible for the running formal learning in the schools. Secondly, the well-being of the people is adversely affected by drought and conflict. The UNCRD Capacity Building Programme for Somali Refugees in Kenya aimed at improving their Capabilities for Self-Reliance and to help them Return to their Country to Engage in Economic Activities responded to the quality of education challenges by training teachers and building their capacity by way of imparting relevant knowledge and skills; capacity building for conflict prevention and management; and improving capabilities of schools management committees

Outputs of the Workshop

  • Accountability and transparency in the schools enhanced and improved learning environments ensured

  • Stakeholders grass-root partnerships and networks for effective voice in addressing issues of educational interests developed

  • Stakeholders oversight roles and capacities strengthened with a net effect of enhanced highly valuable performance culture in the schools

  • Parents and communities guided to identify and support education champions to help advocate and whistle blow on issues of education concern to the parents for action

  • Parental understanding and involvement enhanced in other cross cutting issues in school development notably participation in strategy development, implementation and evaluation

  • Capacity built local communities for conflict resolution and negotiations in addressing critical issues in education at school and the local community level in conformity to national level policy
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