National Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) Strategy for Lao PDR, Viet Nam, and Cambodia - Inception Meeting
6 Sep 2004 - 14 Sep 2004
Vientiane, Lao PDR; Ha Noi, Viet Nam; Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The objectives of the Inception Meeting were (a) to bring together the relevant institutions and stakeholders involved in the EST process, (b) to discuss and finalize a detailed work programme/activities/timeframe for the formulation of the National EST-Strategy-cum-Action Plan for respective countries, and (c) to discuss and clarify institutional arrangements, including the establishment of a National Working Group on EST, comprised of experts from different organizations, to provide necessary inputs/feedback for the formulation of National EST-Strategy-cum-Action Plan.

The respective governments invited representatives of government agencies/institutions/NGOs/research institutions working in various key sectors related to EST (e.g. cleaner fuels, vehicle emission control, vehicle inspection & maintenance, land-use planning in transport sector, transport demand management, road safety & maintenance, traffic noise management, road-side air quality monitoring, urban/road infrastructure, and public health issues linked to transport/vehicular pollution, etc.) to take part in the meeting.

Lao PDR (6-7 Sep 2004)

National EST Working Group Members in Lao PDR
Science, Technology & Environment Agency
Ministry of Communication,Transport, Post and Construction
Ministry of Security, and Ministry of Public Health

Viet Nam (9-10 Sep 2004)

National EST Working Group Members in Viet Nam
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Ministry of Transport
Institute of Transport Science and Technology
Institute for Development Strategy
Ministry of Planning and Investment
Institute of Transport Strategy and Development
Viet Nam Environmental Protection Agency
Vietnam Productivity Center
Ministry of Security

Cambodia (13-14 Sep 2004)

National EST Working Group Members in Cambodia
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Public Works and Transport

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