Workshop on Japanese Experience/Activities in Promoting Sustainable Production & Consumption
17 Sep 2004 - 17 Sep 2004
Nagoya, Japan

- Participants: 13 from 9 participating organizations and 5 from UNCRD

List of Participants (PDF)

- The objectives of the workshops were;

1) to promote sustainable production and consumption (SPC)/3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) activities in the developing countries of Asia, through exchange of information and experience, and preliminary discussion on possible collaboration on demonstration projects, and

2) to facilitate the establishment of an information network among participating organizations, research institutions, NGOs, private sector in Japan, working towards the promotion of SPC/3R in the developing countries of Asia.

- The outcome of the workshop would provide significant inputs to the newly initiated UNCRD project on promoting SPC/3R in the developing countries of Asia. By having more detailed information of participants' individual activities, this workshop aimed at investigating the possibility for future cooperation, including joint projects. Additionally, this workshop has also increased the visibility of the Japanese experiences/expertise at the international level.

Links to Japanese Organizations for SPC/3R Promotion

For more details, please refer to the meeting report (PDF).

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