Inception Meeting for the Formulation of National 3R Strategy for Indonesia
6 Sep 2006 - 8 Sep 2006
Jakarta, Indonesia

Organizer: Ministry of Environment-Indonesia, UNCRD, and IGES

Participants: MoE-Indonesia, key government Ministries/agencies, industry associations, the Bandung Institute of Technology (BIT), and UNCRD (C.R.C. Mohanty and Ken Shimizu)

The meeting was organized with the objectives to:

(a) identify and agree on the national priorities to be covered under the National 3R strategy;
(b) define the structure and agree on the conceptual guidelines of the strategy; and
(c) discuss institutional arrangements for the Strategy formulation, including the composition of the National 3R Working Group (to be established under the leadership of MoE-Indonesia, with representation from key stakeholders).

In the meeting, the importance of 3R was emphasized as an integrated waste prevention/minimization strategy. Following (1) presentations from MOE-I and UNCRD on 3R concepts and best practices and also (2) group discussions, the meeting participants agreed upon the draft outline of the National 3R Strategy for Indonesia and the proposed institutional arrangements.

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