3R Seminar in Hanoi, Viet Nam
27 Jun 2007 - 27 Jun 2007
Hanoi, Viet Nam

UNCRD is technically supporting DOE/MONRE-Viet Nam for its National 3R Strategy formulation project, which is financially supported by ADB, Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan, and Institute of Global Environmental Strategies (IGES). In order to set up Vietnamese legal structures to promote 3R, DOE/MONRE requested UNCRD to hold a seminar on a case study of legal aspects for waste management and 3R administration. In the Seminar, Mr. Kaburagi from UNCRD had one day lecture on Japanese case of legal systems for environmentally sound and sustainable waste management and 3R.

the Ministry of National Resources and Environment (MONRE), Viet Nam

Participants: 30 participants from
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Industry
Ministry of Transport
Ministry of Construction
National Institute of Environmental Technology and Sustainable Development
National Economic University
Public Corporation for Waste Management of Hanoi City
Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

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