Intern students of JICA Chubu Center visit UNCRD - 26 Aug 2019
On 26 August 2019, UNCRD gave a lecture to intern students of JICA Chubu Center.

Mr. C.R.C. Mohanty, Coordinator of the Environment Programme, made the lecture on UNCRD and its activities in support of SDGs. The lecture focused on environmentally sustainable transport (EST), 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)/waste management, and the International Partnership for Expanding Waste Management Service of Local Authorities (IPLA), among others. The students were exposed to various best practices and international experiences and the areas of EST, 3Rs/resource efficiency/circular economy, including issues of waste plastics and impacts on coastal and marine ecosystem. They also gained understanding on the differences between linear and circular economy in the context of moving towards a "Zero Waste" society.

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