Delivered Speech in ASEM High Level Meeting on Marine Sustainability (7-8 March 2019), Bangkok, The Kingdom of Thailand - 14 Mar 2019
On 7 March 2019, Mr. Kazushige Endo, Director of UNCRD, delivered a Speech in the ASEM High Level Meeting on Marine Sustainability under the session, "Asia and Europe Leadership Commitment for Marine Sustainability", hosted by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kingdom of Thailand.

His speech was focused on the SDG 14 (Life Below Water), is to conserve and sustainably use ocean resources, which included ten targets: (i) marine pollution; (ii) marine and coastal ecosystems; (iii) ocean acid issue; (iv) overfishing and illegal fishing; (v) conservation of coastal and marine areas; (vi) harmful fisheries subsidies; (vii) economic benefits for Small Island Developing States (SIDS); and 3 others (increasing scientific knowledge and implementing international law; access for fishers to marine resources and markets; and sustainable use of oceans). He emphasized on one of the critical challenges that is rising level of microplastics in the coastal and marine environment. Microplastics are unintentionally ingested by many aquatic animals and posing a serious threat to the food safety of fishery, and then affecting human health.

He also showed the outcome of 9th Regional 3R Forum, where member states presented and discussed their progress reports towards the 3R program on various waste streams. Regarding the issue of plastic waste, Forum adopted 'Bangkok 3R Declaration Towards Prevention of Plastic Waste Pollution through 3R and Circular Economy'. It expressed some voluntary commitments to reinforce the 3R actions towards the issue of plastic waste, and to prevent plastics waste leakage into the coastal and marine environment.
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