Lecture delivered to the World Bank Training Programme - 26 Nov 2018
On 21 November 2018, Kazushige Endo, Director of UNCRD, delivered the lecture for the Training Programme, "Piloting and Scaling up Building Climate Resilient Bridges in Poor Rural Areas", organized by World Bank Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Hub, Tokyo - Japan.

His lecture focused on the Road Geohazard Risk Management (RGRM), which included: (a) the Japanese government's efforts of road recovery following large-scale disasters; and (b) the planning process for provisions to deal with future disaster risks. During the question-and-answer session following the lecture, the participants (representatives of both the Directorate for Roads, Viet Nam and the Ministry of Transport, Government of Viet Nam) showed considerable interest in the forthcoming RGRM Handbook/Toolkit, which Director Endo had been involved in the preparation of. The Handbook/Toolkit is aiming at mainstreaming disaster risk management in the road sector, and is expected to be applicable at all stages of road development projects.

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