Invitation by the Government of Antioquia to contribute in the International Meeting Uraba-Darien-Biodiverse Region - 20 Nov 2014
The event enabled a valuable multistakeholder dialogue to build a common vision of the future development this region based on biodiversity, sustainable development and peace building though a territorial approach. This region is considered one of the richest in Colombia and the world in terms of biodiversity, and has also suffered from acute armed conflict in Colombia. A very important recovery process is aimed for this region, led by the regional government of Antioquia, with the participation of a wide variety of stakeholders, different levels of government, Ministry of Environment, private and community associations, the academia and a wide number of community organizations (indigenous, black, youth, women, among others) and international cooperation agencies (as the French Development Agency, WWF, UNDP). Nearly 400 representatives from these entities attended the forum. Claudia Hoshino, coordinator of UNCRD-LAC contributed with inputs in the working teams and with views conclusions at the end of the event, based on the Office experience on integrated regional development and territorial planning, for sustainable development. The government expressed interest in the office involvement and support in the process. This could be a good case of integrated regional development planning and to incorporate ODS in planning and monitoring of the initiative.
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