Series of Interinstitutional Meetings between Bogota, and the Departments of Cundinamarca, Boyaca, Tolima and Meta (the Central Region of the country)in the context of the creation of the first Special Administrative and Planning Region (RAPE) of Colombi - 7 Feb 2014
Focus will be centered on the constitution and support of the Special Administrative Planning Region (RAPE, Spanish Acronym) for the Central Region of Colombia; will be the first region to be constituted in the country, in the context of the entry into force of the Organic Law of the Territorial Planning in 2011. UNCRD has been technically supporting the process since its inception, facilitating dialogue and building consensus on regional development scenarios among the territorial entities that constitute this planning region: Bogota and four departamentos: Cundinamarca, Meta, Boyaca and Tolima. This region accounts for 40 % of the country's GDP, 15% of the national territory and 30% of its population. The initiative presents ample opportunities, but also faces major challenges, as it addresses acute imbalances, disparities and social inequalities, and environmental degradation.

RAPE is a platform for regional integration, whose mission is the planning and management of the territory, to promote the sustainable development of the region, human security, and competitiveness. The vision that RAPE proposes (for 2034) is to be recognized as an area of peace and security, with social, environmental and economic balance, culturally diverse and globally competitive and innovative. It involves a total investment of 1 billion pesos in regional projects for the next 20 years, defined as seed capital that will RAPE manage to get a multiplier effect. Three main projects have been given priority for the next decade (1) ensuring electric supply of for all inhabitants and productive activities; (2 ) connecting the main centers of the system of cities through rail network and regional road network to ensure mobility and freight transport; and (3) promoting the conversion of the agricultural production system through processes of technological innovation for industrial processes to ensure food security and improving the quality of life of the peasantry/rural inhabitants.
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