[EST] Addendum to Kyoto Declaration was endorsed and signed by 6 Asian Mayors at the High-Level Symposium on Sustainable Cities (16 Jan 2015, Toyota, Japan) - 16 Jan 2015
UNCRD organized a Special Ceremony for Signing Kyoto Declaration during the High-level Symposium on Sustainable Cities: Connecting People, Environment and Technology, Co-Convened By the United Nations and Toyota City on 16 January 2015. Bandung (Indonesia), Kuching South (Malaysia), Nagoya (Japan), Sumita-cho (Japan), Toyota (Japan), and Yangzhou (PR China) endorsed and signed the Addendum.

Kyoto Declaration and its Addendum is currently joined by 51 Asian cities from 16 countries.

Kyoto Declaration (2015, 51 cities, English)

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