CBDM - Hyogo Trust Fund Project X: Gendered CBDM

Target Countries

Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka


Disaster risk reduction aims to support the achievement of sustainable development, which is mutually linked to the successful achievement of the MDGs. Disasters threaten human security, the key element that embodies human beings' ability to lead long and healthy lives and be knowledgeable, have access to resources, attain a decent standard of living and to be able to participate in the policy decision making process. Thus, by reducing vulnerability and strengthening capacity to create disaster resilient community, human security is a fundamental requirement towards sustainable development through community participation. Gender equality, which refers to the equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of women and men, is one of the key elements to achieve the MDGs. Implementation of the project "Gendered CBDM in the Context of Regional Development" under the HTF X will promote gender perspectives and disaster preparedness in the context of regional development at government levels and at the community levels, empowering both women and men through decision-making and planning as members of communities. UNCRD aims to enhance capacity of local governments to integrate disaster management into regional planning thorough various training and workshop activities focusing on policy making.


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Words to Action: Implementing the Hyogo Framework for Action through Gendered CBDM
International Disaster Management Symposium 2009: Disaster-Resilient Regional Development Strategies in the World - From Hyogo to the World
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