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IPLA Regional Secretariat for East Asia
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IPLA Coordinating Secretariat

United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD)
Environment Unit
Nagono 1-47-1, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 450-0001, JAPAN
Tel: +81 52 561 9377
Fax: +81 52 561 9374
E-mail: ipla@uncrd.or.jp
URL: www.uncrd.or.jp

IPLA Global Secretariat

IconSWM CE & CRIC and President, ISWMAW
Prof. Sadhan Kumar Ghosh
Professor in Mechanical Engineering
Chief Coordinator, Centre for Sustainable Development and Resource Efficiency Management
Jadavpur University, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Tel: (91) 33 24025233 / (91) 87776385 / (91) 9830044464
Email: sadhankghosh9@gmail.com

IPLA Regional Secretariat for Africa, Asia and Latin America

United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)
Mr. Andre Dzikus
Coordinator, Urban Basic Services Branch
P.O. Box 30030, Nairobi 00100, KENYA
Tel: +254 20 7623060, 7625082
Fax:+254 20 7623588
E-mail: andre.dzikus@unhabitat.org
URL: www.unhabitat.org/

IPLA Sub-Regional Secretariat for East Asia

Basel Convention Regional Centre China (BCRC China)
Prof. Jinhui Li
Executive Director
Sino-Italian Environment & Energy-efficient Building, Tsinghua University, 100084
Tel: +86 1062 794351/799061
E-mail: bcrc@tsinghua.edu.cn
URL: www.bcrc.cn/

IPLA Sub-Regional Secretariat for the region covering Australia and New Zealand

Griffith University
Dr. Sunil Herat
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Engineering
Queensland 4111, AUSTRALIA
Tel: +61 7 3735 6682
Fax: +61 7 3735 7459
E-mail: s.herat@griffith.edu.au
URL: http://www.griffith.edu.au/

IPLA Sub-Regional Secretariat for Central and Eastern Europe

Regional Environmental Centre for Central and Eastern Europe (REC)
Dr. Radoje Lausevic
Deputy Executive Director
Ms. Ana Popovic, Expert
Environmental Management
Ms. Olta Cibuku
Expert, local initiatives
Ady endre ut 9-11, 2000 Szentendre, HUNGARY
Tel: +36 (26) 504000
Fax: +36 (26) 311-294
E-mail: rlausevic@rec.org, APopovic@rec.org, OCibuku@rec.org
URL: http://www.rec.org/

IPLA Sub-Regional Secretariat for Mashreq and Maghreb Countries

Regional Solid Waste Exchange of Information and Expertise Network in Mashreq and Maghreb Countries (SWEEP-Net)
Mr. Anis Ismail
Secretary General
5, Rue Mustapha Sfar, Belvedere, 1002 Tunis, TUNISIA
Tel: +21671280557 / +21671280559
Fax: +21671280554
E-mail: anis.ismail@sweep-net.org
URL : ttp://www.sweep-net.org/

IPLA Sub-Regional Secretariat for the Pacific SIDS

Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)
Ms. Esther Veronica Richards
Solid Waste Officer
P.O. Box 240, Apia, SAMOA
Tel: +685-21929
Fax: +685-20231
E-mail: estherr@sprep.org, sprep@sprep.org
URL: http://www.sprep.org/

IPLA Sub-Regional Secretariat for South Asia

South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme (SACEP)
Ms. Chamina Priyankari Alexander
Programme Officer
# 10 Anderson Road, Off Dickman's Road, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka
Tel: +94-11-2-589-787/552-761
Fax: +94-11-2-589-369
E-mail: sacep@eol.lk, po2_sacep@eol.lk
URL: http://www.sacep.org/

IPLA Sub-Regional Secretariat for Northern Latin America

Unidad Administrativa Especial de Servicios Publicos de Bogota (UAESP), Colombia
Dr. Nelly Mogollon Montaï
Street 52, No. 13-64, floor 6, Bogota D.C. 110231, COLOMBIA
Tel: +57-1-3580400 ext. 1601
Fax: +57-1-2122790
E-mail: agamboa@uaesp.gov.co
URL: http://www.uaesp.gov.co/ (in Spanish)

IPLA Sub-Regional Secretariat for Southern Latin America

ISWA Brazil
Mr. Carlos RV Silva Filho
Executive Director
ABRELPE - Associa��o Brasileira da Empresas de Limpeza P�Elica e Res�Euos Especiais
Av. Paulista, 807, cj. 207, 01311-915, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Tel: + 55-11- 3297-5898
E-mail: carlos@abrelpe.org.br
URL: http://www.abrelpe.org.br (in Spanish)

IPLA Sub-Regional Secretariat for the Caribbean SIDS

University of the Southern Caribbean
Dr. Devon Gardner
School of Sciences and Technology, University of the Southern Caribbean
P.O. Box 175, Port of Spain, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO
Tel: +868-662-2241/2 ext. 2700
Fax: +868-662-1197
E-mail: gardnerd@usc.edu.tt
URL: http://www.usc.edu.tt

IPLA Sub-Regional Secretariat for Russia and EurAsEC countries

International Center for the Best Environmental Technologies (ICBET)
Mr. Vladimir Komissarov
Deputy Director
International Center for the Best Environmental Technologies (ICBET)
117, 21b Kuusinena str., Moscow, 125252, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Tel: +7 916 197 95 04
Fax: +7 499 198 99 04
E-mail: rus-3r@yandex.ru
URL: http://www.icbet.ru/en/

IPLA Sub-Regional Secretariat for Southern Africa

International Waste Working Group/University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)
Prof. Cristina Trois
Dean and Head of School, School of Engineering, UKZN
School of Engineering Bld. Howard College Campus, Durban, 4041, SOUTH AFRICA
Tel: +27 (0)31 260 3055/65
E-mail: Troisc@ukzn.ac.za
URL: http://www.ukzn.ac.za/, http://www.tuhh.de/iue/iwwg/welcome.html

IPLA Sub-Regional Secretariat for Western Africa

Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA)
Senior Geologist
3 Otto Road, Ijora Olopa, Headquarters, Iddo Yard, Lagos, NIGERIA
Tel: +234 802 4782099 / 3128099
Email: partnership@lawma.gov.ng, info@lawma.gov.ng
URL: http://www.lawma.gov.ng/

UN Agencies

International Organizations/Donor Agencies

National Governments

Local Authorities

Research/Academic Institutes


Private Sector

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