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The UNCRD Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Office was closed at the end of February 2016. UNCRD express our deepest gratitude to all the related agencies involved in the LAC Office and its wide-ranging activities, also to UNCRD LAC staff members who contributed to the development of countries, regions, and localities through central and local governments officials' training, research, and preparation of regional development plans.

The UNCRD Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Office was established in Bogota in 1997 in order to conduct UNCRD's activities in LAC countries, in continuation of the Latin America Special Programme initiated in Nagoya in 1991. The UNCRD LAC Office is jointly supported by UNCRD and the City Government of Bogota, under a technical cooperation trust fund agreement signed in 1997 to promote regional development in LAC countries.

The LAC Office aims to:

  1. Assist in building effective approaches to sustainable regional development within the institutional capability of the countries;
  2. Advocate the increase of awareness on the key issues to be addressed for sustainable development vis-vis priority concerns in the countries;
  3. Promote the development of strategies to attain equity, human security, and sustainability, enabling cooperation and alliances among regional/territorial government stakeholders, and between different levels of government and the private and community sectors to implement sustainable development agendas; and
  4. Promote partnerships for exchanging ideas and knowledge and networking of information.
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