Expert Group Meeting on Integrated Regional Development Planning (IRDP)
28 May 2013 - 30 May 2013
Nagoya, Japan

UNCRD conducted the Expert Group Meeting on Integrated Regional Development Planning (IRDP) from 28 to 30 May 2013 in Nagoya, Japan. The main objective for this expert group meeting was to discuss the link and interface between IRDP and sustainable development with its three key pillars - economic, social and environment, and regional governance. The expert group meeting also addressed capacity building strategies, and how integrated regional development planning could effectively contribute to UNCRD's focused areas of work, such as environmentally sustainable transport, 3R and waste management, disaster management planning and urban development. Please refer to the Concept Note for detailed information.


Keynote Address: Planning for Sustainable Regional Development (Prof. John Friedmann, Honorary Professor, University of British Columbia)

Session I: Sketching out Integrated Regional Development Planning (Chair: Prof. John Friedmann)
Key Presentation: Integrated Regional Planning for Sustainable Development in Asia: Innovations in the Governance of Metropolitan, Rural-Urban, and Transborder Riparian Regions (Prof. Michael Douglass, National University of Singapore)
Background Paper and Presentation
Outcome of Rio+20 Conference as related to Integrated Regional Development Planning; Experience of National Sustainable Development Strategies (Ms. Birgitte Alvarez-Rivero, DSD/DESA/UN)

Session II: Integrated Regional Development Planning: Nexus with Sustainable Development: Experiences of IRDP in Latin America and Africa (Chair: Prof. Michael Douglass)
Experience from Latin America (Ms. Claudia Hoshino, UNCRD)
Experience from Africa (Mr. Asfaw Kumssa, UNCRD)

Session III: Nexus of Urban-Rural Linkages in the Rapid Urbanization and the Role of Integrated Regional Development Planning as a Tool for Sustainable Cities and Regions (Chair: Prof. Kozo Aoyama, Kyoto Prefectural University)
Key Presentation: Integrated Regional Development Planning as a tool for sustainable cities and regions (Prof. Masao Takano, Nagoya University)
Endogenous Regional Development (Mr. Katsuaki Takai, UNCRD)
Planning Secretariat of the City of Bogotá gExperience of the Regional Integration of Bogota (Ms. Carolina Chica, Colombia)

Session IV: Emerging Environmental Issues and the Implications for Integrated Regional Development Planning (Chair: Mr. Ryutaro Yatsu, Vice-Minister, Ministry of the Environment)
Key Presentation: Consideration of Climate Dynamics in Integrated Regional Development Planning (Professor Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Nagoya University)
Environment in the Context of Integrated Regional Development Planning: Role of EST and 3Rs (Mr. C. R. C. Mohanty, UNCRD)

Session V: Integrated Regional Development Planning towards Increased Resilience
Experiences from Latin America and Africa (Mr. Jean DfAragon, UNCRD)

Session VI: Needs of countries for Integrated Regional Development Planning (Chair: Mr. Kumssa and Ms. Hoshino)
Presentations from country experts: Country Experiences and Challenges
Chile (Ms. Vivien Villagran Acuña)
Ethiopia (Mr. Teshome Negussie)
Ghana (Mr. Kwaku Adjei-Fosu)
Indonesia (Mr. Andreas Suhono)
Lao PDR (Ms. Singkham Khongsavanh)
Kenya (Mr. Augustine K. Masinde)

Session VII: Capacity-building for public officials on Integrated Regional Development Planning
Presentation: Overview of current and planned activities of UNCRD in the area of IRDP (Director Chikako Takase, UNCRD)

Session VIII: Integrated Regional Development Planning as a Tool for Sustainable Development

Nagoya University-UNCRD International Workshop
Presentation: Designing Sustainable Low-Carbon Transport Systems integrated with Regional Development in Asia (Prof. Yoshitsugu Hayashi and Dr. Kazuki Nakamura, Nagoya University)

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