Contribution to the Capacity-building Training Course for BAPPENAS, Indonesia - 6 Dec 2022
On 5 December 2022, UNCRD was invited to deliver lectures at a two-week capacity-building training course on "Economic Transformation for Disaster-Resilient and Sustainable Growth" organized by the Institute for History and Urban Disaster Mitigation, Ritsumeikan University, starting at the end of November 2022. The aim of this training is: to increase the capacity of stake holders and policy makers in assessing Indonesia's productivity in order to achieve economic transformation; and to integrate related aspects into a long-term development planning document.

Kazushige Endo, Director of UNCRD, gave a presentation on Japan's Comprehensive National Development Plan and highway development, emphasizing the importance of planning and the role that Japanese development planning has played in national and regional development. During the Q&A session, participants asked many questions and discussed the details of Japan's experience and expertise. Then, two researchers from UNCRD gave presentations. Natsumi Fukuda introduced the current situation and future direction of Aichi Prefecture, focusing on industries typical of the region, while Masako Izukawa presented Toyota City's experiences and efforts to achieve a sustainable city, including their presentations at the Voluntary Local Review (VLR) in New York 2022.

The training was attended by twenty-five participants from the Ministry of National Panning/Bappenas, Government of Indonesia.
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