Training Course on Localizing the SDGs for Council of the City of Kuching South
3 Sep 2018 - 7 Sep 2018
Aichi Prefecture

Upon the request from the Council of the City of Kuching South, UNCRD conducted a training course on localizing SDGs from 3 to 7 September in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. This training course was specifically designed for the needs of the Council, taking into account the current condition in the City of Kuching South in Sarawak State, Malaysia. The training course was offered to 40 participants including Mayor Dato Chan, Deputy Mayor 2Hilmy as well as councillors and government officials of Council, with all the cost born by the requesting entity.


1. to enhance each participant's understanding about the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to identify applicable policy and/or initiative options for promoting SDGs locally in the context of the City of Kuching South; and
2. to expose participants to actual cases/situation and experiences of SDGs through visiting and exchanging opinion with local governments and communities in Japan; and
3. to deepen each participant's understanding of the importance of community awareness-raising for SDGs and enhance skills and know-how of community participation in SDGs-related project planning and implementation.

Outputs and Evaluation

The training course aimed at ultimately contributing to capacity building for implementing SDGs in the City of Kuching South. The following outputs were expected from the training course:
- Action plan devised, utilizing the knowledge and skills gained from the course, and firmly based on the real needs in the City;
- City councillors and officials trained in knowledge and skills for planning an integrated set of policies and initiatives required for promoting SDGs; and
- Enhanced awareness of each participant about applicable and feasible programme and project options for SDGs in the City.

Judging from the results of the course evaluation questionnaire, the majority of participants was in agreement that the curriculum prepared by UNCRD responded to their expectation and needs and the main objectives were achieved.

Owariasahi City has been given the Award for Creative Developments in Healthy Cities in 2018 for "Activities and SDGs of Healthy City," which was introduced during the above training course, by the Alliance for Healthy Cities.

Presentations and Speeches
Training Materials
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