UNCRD collaborates for 11th International Conference on Sustainable Waste Management & Circular Economy (IconSWM-CE) and 2021 IPLA Global Forum, 1-4 Dec 2021 (online) - 29 Nov 2021
From 1 to 4 December 2021, UNCRD-DSDG, in collaboration with Jadavpur University, International Society of Waste Management, Air and Water (ISWMAW), and International Partnership for Expanding Waste Management Services (IPLA- a SDG Partnership) co-organized the 11th International Conference on Sustainable Waste Management & Circular Economy (IconSWM-CE) & IPLA Global Forum 2021. Held virtually under the theme circular Economy by the way of life for implementing SDGs, the four-day conference brought together around 1,100 participants from 48 countries, including experts and speakers from academia and R and D organizations, government, industries, NGO, plant operators, and UN entities to discuss various issues such as research and innovation, solid and liquid waste management, circular economy, resource efficiency, policy and strategies, the transition to clean energy, among others. UNCRD-DSDG delivered a welcome address and co-chaired a session during the conference. It was also organized a special session on IPLA under the theme of Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs) for promoting 3R and circular economy towards zero waste societies on 2 December 2021, including delivering a presentation on - Role of Circular Economy and Industry 4.0 towards achieving SDG 12. The session recognized the importance of city government, urban local bodies, and the private sector to carry our environmentally sound practices. The session emphasized among others, the need for triangular cooperation among government agencies, the scientific and research community, and the private sector to achieve sustainable waste management and zero waste society. More details about the conference can be found at - https://www.iswmaw.com/
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