Panel Discussion on Visualizing SDG Management of Communities, Local Governments, and Private Sectors (30 November 2021, Hybrid) 日経SDGsフェス - 7 Jan 2022
UNCRD conducted a panel discussion on "Visualizing SDGs Management of Communities, Local Governments, and Private Sectors" at the "Nikkei SDG Festival in Nagoya" organized by Nikkei Shimbun from 30 November to 1 December in 2021.

Director of UNCRD, Kazushige Endo served as the coordinator, and at the beginning of the session, he mentioned that UNCRD is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and introduced that it is an organization directly under the UN DESA, which is in charge of SDG promotion at UNHQ. The panelists were Mr. Toshihiko Ota, Mayor of Toyota City, Mr. Shiro Tonari, President of Chubu SDGs Promotion Center, Ms. Sanae Ito, Professor of Nagoya University, and Mr. Hiroyoshi Morita from Dainippon Consultants Co., LTD.

In the discussion, Mr. Morita introduced the SDG achievement assessment method for local governments, which UNCRD is working on in collaboration with local governments and private companies as a tool for visualizing SDG management. Mr. Ota and Mr. Tonari evaluated this method as an effective tool that can be expected to be deployed to local governments nationwide that are actively working on SDGs in the future. Director Endo concluded by mentioning that the Chubu area's knowledge and advanced SDGs initiatives would be shared with the world.


UNCRDの遠藤和重所長がコーディネーターを務め、冒頭ではUNCRDが今年設立50周年を迎えることに触れながら、SDGsを担当するUN DESAの直轄組織であることを紹介しました。パネリストとして、豊田市長の太田稔彦氏、一般社団法人中部SDGs推進センター代表理事の戸成司朗氏、名古屋大学教授の伊東早苗氏、大日本コンサルタント株式会社の森田紘圭氏が登壇しました。

ディスカッションでは、SDGs 経営可視化のツールとしてUNCRDが自治体や民間企業と連携して取り組んでいる、地方自治体向けSDGs達成度評価手法が紹介されました。太田氏、戸成氏は今後、SDGsに積極的に取り組む全国の自治体へと展開が期待できる有効なツールであると評価し、UNCRDの遠藤所長は、こうした中部圏の知見や先進的なSDGsの取組みを世界へ繋げていくと締め括りました。
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