HELP Expert Meeting -- Investment and Financing for Sustainable Development of Disaster Risk Reduction in the Post-Corona era - 27 Oct 2021
On 20 October 2021, the Expert Meeting on "Investment and Financing for Sustainable Development of Disaster Risk Reduction in the Post-Corona era" was held as part of the International Conference on Sustainable, Resilient Cities and Transport, Aichi 2021, which held in Tokoname City, Japan, from 18 to 20 October 2021. The meeting consisted with six keynote speeches/video messages and a panel discussion. The meeting aimed to introduce disaster prevention investment efforts made by countries and institutions within the range of the activities of the High-level Experts and Leaders Panel on Water and Disasters (HELP), as well as share knowledge and discuss on disaster prevention investment in promoting sustainable development and measures to develop resilient cities and transport in the post corona world.

The meeting mentioned that COVID-19 has made it clearer that the world must become more inclusive and resilient, and that finance, governance, and technology are keys to overcoming this. It was also suggested that while COVID-19 has improved the status of water, the water sector needs to think about how it can make water better for people and how it can contribute to climate change mitigation. The meeting also introduced the situation of the country facing water-related disasters. COVID-19 has already resulted in significant economic losses for the world. Many countries and regions are facing the double hazard of disaster and pandemic. It is urgent to take fundamental disaster prevention measures with adequate budget. At the end of the meeting, there was a lively discussion on the importance of linkages and coordination, including the need for coordination from central government to local government.

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